Perfect Pairings: Girl Scout Cookies & La Finquita Wine

It’s that wonderful time of year – no, not Christmas (though that’s one of our favorites too!) – it’s the season of Girl Scout Cookies! Now, just about everyone loves these delightful treats, after all, they’re so delicious and who can tell those adorable little girls outside the store “no” when they ask if you’d like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies? We sure can’t.

You’ve probably seen Girl Scout Cookie pairing guides for all sorts of beverages pop up in your social feeds, because believe it or not, cookies DO pair well with things other than milk! We happen to think they pair perfectly with wine…and with this in mind, the La Finquita Team gathered around the center island of the winery house with half a dozen boxes of cookies and 15 bottles of La Finquita wine to painstakingly taste test and experiment on your behalf to create the best La Finquita wine and Girl Scout Cookie pairing guide for your tasting pleasure. A true sacrifice…really.




Needless to say, it was a delightful evening for the team and our tastebuds…and as you might imagine, plenty of shenanigans and laughs ensued. We hope you enjoy these pairings as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you.

As an added bonus, we have some fabulous Girl Scouts who will be at the winery THIS WEEKEND to help supply all of your wine and cookie pairing needs. You can drink wine AND support our local Girl Scouts – it’s win all around! Come try them out and let us know your favorites!


Girl Scouts at La Finquita for all your cookie needs

Saturday, March 2nd: 1p – 4p

Sunday, March 3rd: 12p – 3p


The beginning:


The aftermath:


Cheers and love from #TeamLaFinquita!

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