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Our Wine Tasting Experience

Whether it’s your first visit to our “little farm” or you’re a regular weekend guest, we are sure you will find something to love here at La Finquita Winery & Vineyard. Try a little bit of everything with our signature wine tasting, or settle down with a glass of your favorite. Either way, you’ll be sure to enjoy our hand-crafted wine in the relaxing atmosphere of our indoor tasting room or with the stunning views from our comfortable tasting patio.


A Stolen Kiss

Glass – $7 | Bottle – $22

Sauvignon Blanc with a kiss of Chardonnay, A Stolen Kiss is light, smooth and refreshing with hints of green melon, pineapple and grapefruit. This is a perfect wine to sip in the shade, by the pool, or with your favorite summer fruits.

2014 Muscat Canelli

Glass – $7 | Bottle – $21

An experiment to discover the hidden layers of this grape, our dry Muscat Canelli is crisp and natural with floral notes of honeysuckle and fresh grapefruit. Your nose may tell you to expect a sweet wine, but your taste buds will disagree as you experience the full qualities and nuances of Muscat Canelli freed from the typical sweetness associated with the varietal.


2014 Merlot

Glass – $9 | Bottle – $32

Our medium bodied Merlot features notes of black cherry, cranberry and light oak. This is a perfect wine to enjoy alongside your turkey dinner with all the fixings.

2014 Estate Syrah

Glass – $10 | Bottle – $35

With hints of strawberries, plum and light pepper, this medium bodied Syrah made with grapes from our lower vineyards has a nice lingering finish. Our favorite to pair with barbecue pulled pork.

2014 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass – $9 | Bottle – $33

Notes of black current, pepper, tart and dark cherry accompany this delightfully smooth Cabernet from our upper vineyards with lingering hints of violet and vanilla on the nose. We like to pair this with a nice tri-tip and a rich dark chocolate.

2013 Zinfandel

Glass – $10 | Bottle – $35

Rich tones of blackberry, black cherry and fig with hints of black cardamom and vanilla. This is a favorite with chargrilled red meats and roasted veggies like red pepper, tomato, onion and squash.

Midnight Kiss

Glass – $10 | Bottle – $35

This rich, velvety blend of Petite Syrah and Petit Verdot is filled with notes of black cherry and blueberry, hints of violet on the nose and a whisper of dark chocolate. We enjoy this wine with many things, but our favorite way to enjoy it is with aged Gouda and dark chocolate. For an extra treat, savor it with dark chocolate sea salt caramels.

2014 Petit Verdot

Glass – $10 | Bottle – $35

A winery favorite, this 100% varietal features floral notes of violet and lilac with hints of vanilla bean, Hungarian paprika and black pepper. This unique wine pairs well with lamb, bison and truffle cheese.

2014 Tempranillo

Glass – $9 | Bottle – $32

Our medium bodied Tempranillo delights with tones of plum and vanilla with hints of tobacco and leather. We enjoy this one with fresh homemade pizza topped with mozzarella, sausage and sun dried tomato.

2014 Sun Kissed

Glass – $8 | Bottle – $30

A delicious blend of Sangiovese and Tempranillo, Sun Kissed has notes of tart cherry, tobacco and fire roasted tomato with hints of clove. This one will pair well with your glass, a rich pasta dish or savory pork chop.

2014 Sangiovese

Glass – $9 | Bottle – $33

A traditional, rustic Sangiovese, this robust wine features notes of black pepper, tart cherry, dried rose petal and smoke, with subtle hints of cocoa as it opens up. Pair this one with a rich steak and black pepper.

Fun & Seasonal


Luscious Slushes (Year Round)

Glass – $8 | 1.5L Pouch – $35 (White Angel or Red Devil)

Whether you’re a wine aficionado looking for something a little different or new to wine and looking for something easy to enjoy with your friends while tasting, our frozen sangrias are pure fun and relaxation. White Angel, Red Devil, and Mischief 50/50 pour.

Sangria Blanco (Year Round)

Glass – $8 | Growler Fill – $35 (Growler Glass – $10)

With the scrumptious flavors of strawberry, pineapple and basil, our white sangria is uniquely crisp, light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day. Enjoy a glass on the tasting patio or fill a La Finquita growler to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

Sangria Roja (Year Round)

Glass – $8 | Growler Fill – $35 (Growler Glass – $10)

Our tasty, traditional style red sangria is cool and delicious with flavors of strawberry and blueberry, a perfect summer cool down. Sip a glass on the tasting patio or fill a La Finquita growler to take home to enjoy anytime.

Hot Mulled Wine (Seasonal)

Glass – $8 | Growler Fill – $35 (Growler Glass – $10)

Best described as Christmas in a glass, our traditional hot mulled wine is sure to warm you up with hints of cinnamon, cloves and citrus. Savor a glass in the tasting room or fill a La Finquita growler to enjoy at home by the fire.

Tasting Room Hours

Friday: 3pm - 7pm
Saturday: 11pm - 6pm
Sunday: 11pm - 6pm

To ensure compliance with County Ordinances, the last wine tasting of the day & last glass or bottle for onsite consumption will be 30 minutes before closing. We appreciate your understanding.

Tasting Room Prices

Tastings: $10 - $12
Case Discount: 10%
Wine Club: 20% off glass/bottle, 25% off case


Children: Well-supervised, well-behaved children are always welcome here at La Finquita.
Pets: Leashed and friendly pets are always welcome on the tasting patio.
Food & Drinks: Guests are welcome and encouraged to bring along snacks and picnics to enjoy alongside our wines. Non-alcoholic beverages such as water and sodas are always welcome.